HASCO key services include

  • Recruitment and Labour Solutions – managing all aspects of the recruitment, labour hire and training requirements for clients. We provide our clients a scalable, systematic and proven model that adjusts to the size of their people needs.
  • Payroll Outsourcing Solutions – management of client payroll needs.
  • Training Management & Compliance
    • Training Management and compliance. Manage all compliance, induction, and training requirements, on a short or long-term basis. We will work with the HASCO or client partner organizations to ensure individuals are trained to the appropriate level.
    • Rail Industry Workers (RIW). HASCO has an in-house rail industry training/worker card specialist to ensure all our rail personnel meet the compliance requirements.
    • Workforce Development Capability – workforce development, job analysis, competency mapping, skills audits, Training Needs Analysis (TNA’s), and compliance matrices
  • Employment Pathways for Disadvantaged Job Seekers. Have a developed a range of holistic employment pathways for disadvantaged jobs seekers wanting an opportunity in the civil, rail, construction, and utilities sectors. Our proven approach offers our clients a competitive advantage for their business in meeting government targets efficiently, cost effectively and with a high success rate.


HASCO has a large database of candidates and can supply our clients with a wide range of appropriately vetted people. HASCO’s range of white collar candidates from the Rail, Construction, Civil and Utilities sectors; includes, engineers, estimators, procurement and other specialized roles.

Labour Hire

HASCO is a specialist provider of labour hire services, that supplies quality, competent and qualified individuals in civil, rail, construction, and utilities. We are focused on the quality of candidates to support our client businesses and projects. We routinely supply our clients with: rail labourers, rail traffic controllers; labourers (civil, landscaping, utilities, construction); traffic controllers; spotters; plant operators (roller, skid-steer, scrapper, grader, excavator etc); and Drivers (dump truck, water cart, LR, MR, HR, HC & MC).

Our approach to labour rates is a key differentiator to other labour hire organizations. Our philosophy and rates are built to ensure ‘the people who we engage or work with HASCO are employed for as long as possible – whether it is an on-hire employee, or employed directly by our clients’. We have structured our rates, so our clients have flexible and competitive options to employ on a basis that suits their business.

Note: These rates along with terms and conditions are available upon request.

Note: The rates are competitive – tailored to ensure our clients receive value for appropriately skilled and competent workers; whilst workers, are paid appropriately for their skills and experience.

Training Services.

We have the capability and capacity to provide our clients a range of quality training services at competitive rates. HASCO specializes in assisting organizations in the management of their employee training and training compliance requirements. By having HASCO expertise, organizations achieve lower training and compliance costs, lower risk in non-performing training providers, and increased safety performance.

We can manage your project training compliance needs, sub-contractors, and labour hire companies – being your trusted partner and the one source of truth for licence, competency and ticket compliance. You will no longer have to manage multiple organizations all with different levels of compliance and experience – we take the hassle & cost out of it for you.

We can provide clients a competitive advantage on their projects by:

  • managing training and compliance more cost effectively,
  • maximizing government funded training, and
  • ensuring they meet all mandated government targets for MAJOR PROJECTS without costing more.

Employment Pathways for Disadvantage Job Seekers.

An increasing focus of government is to use infrastructure and other large projects to drive employment outcomes for job seekers and disadvantaged groups in our community. Our programs demonstrate that if disadvantaged job seekers are intensively managed and supported through each component of the (re)employment process the likelihood of success increases. Additionally, the HASCO programs have highlighted that it is possible to reduce the numbers of people not achieving employment, to reduce the employers costs (ie direct and indirect); whilst, still providing capable, motivated and competent people and maintaining project performance. Our focus, unlike some organizations is to ensure that we facilitate programs that have real training with real job opportunities, and ensure we have ‘triple-win outcomes – employer, government & jobseeker’.

HASCO has developed a holistic ‘pathways to employment’ to assist:

  • disadvantaged job seekers, including indigenous candidates and retrenched workers to move into new roles in civil, rail, construction, construction and utilities.
  • clients trying to meet greater government expectations on new entrants into their industry.

We are actively facilitating this process on behalf of organizations with direct links to the new employer(s) in civil, rail, construction, construction and utilities. At HASCO, we have established that the best path to success is to work with organizations through the whole process of transitioning a worker to new employment (identification of new role, training, experience/job readiness, and employer placement). The nature of what we could assist an organization with will depend on their needs; however, our evidence shows that the management of the individual through the whole process is critical to success.

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